Inspiration: Carlos Scarpa

Over the years we have seen architecture present itself in all shapes and sizes. Through all this, Carlos Scarpa’s work remains timeless, unprecedented, and uniquely his. Continue below to see just a few examples of his incredible work.


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The Art of Architecture: Light

With the ability to both emphasize and soften, light gives architecture an ever-changing versatility. Controlling how it enters a space can create endless opportunity for how a building interacts with its environment. Utilizing light is one of the key tactics we employ at Couture Architecture to subtly create so much depth and articulation within a space.


In The Works: A Sausalito Home Transformation

Interested in seeing what goes on behind the scenes of an existing home remodel? Continue below to see the transformation of a Sausalito home from quintessential 70’s (super funky) to ultra-modern.

86 Construction 1.jpg
86 Construction 3.jpg
86 Construction 10.jpg
86 Construction 5.jpg
86 Construction 6.jpg
86 Construction 8.jpg

The Art of Architecture: Contrast

As an ongoing series, we will be exploring the concept of the art of architecture and how it comes into play when designing a home. The art of architecture refers to visuals, such as shadow, reflection, color, texture and light. They are the qualities and effects created by detailing, material selection, and placement. These qualities support and enhance the overall design concept of a building or space. They add life, art, strength, variety, fun, and composition, and the manipulation of them can completely change the character of a space.

The first concept we will be exploring is contrast. Contrasting components in architecture can often add elements of surprise and delight.  In this photo the metal mesh is used as a movable screening device to provide privacy when desired. The idea behind a metal fabric is a contrast of terms in itself – a soft, flexible and sheer textile made from a hard, sharp material.  The contrast continues into the fabrication of the mesh. On one side smooth, small, octagon-shaped pieces of metal appear soft and touchable. On the backside, thousands of tiny tabs linking the individual pieces together create a visually rich texture. Even as a screening device the contrast continues.  While an effective screen when viewed from the smooth side (the direction of the light source) once behind the screen the mesh becomes quite transparent, allowing for wonderful views out to the San Francisco Bay. The contrast wraps up as the soft metal mesh pools onto the clefted surface of the bluestone floor.  More of the Sausalito Ridge Home remodel can be seen here.

Mesh Detail 2.jpg
Mesh Detail 1.jpg
Mesh Detail 3.jpg
Mesh Detail 4.JPG